Dawn Lucan's Professional Experience

BS, Education
Temple University
My degree in education enriched my life experience in meeting students from a variety of different backgrounds including in an urban or city setting.

Covering the secrets to Special Education success, community resources, disability heroes, and the latest news in disabled community

Dawn Lucan's Education

I believe in parent empowerment when it comes to Special Education for parents of disabled students.

I have written a variety of nonfiction books for both parents and educators from preschool through high school graduation. For parents, topics include school issues, life strategies, and community resource books for parents of disabled children for Autism, Down's Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, and Developmental Disabilities. I have also written a variety of different themed cookbooks including gluten free cookbooks. I even have a book on budget saving shopping advice for you and your family.

When I am not working or writing, I enjoy swimming, doing yoga, and cooking.

Dawn Lucan

 Volunteer Community outreach and parent educator
  • Created and taught an enrichment course on Special Education issues for both parents and educators.  
  • Worked with parents of disabled children in a support group setting.

Dawn Lucan's Books

American nonfiction Author Blogger Dawn Lucan
Hi! My name is
July 1996 - Present

A collection of Dawn Lucan's ebooks with a selection of topics on Special Education, budget tips and cookbooks.

Contains the complete selection of Dawn Lucan's print and ebooks on Special Education, budget tips, and cooking..

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About Dawn Lucan

Dawn Lucan's  Books

Age: 46
HOMETOWN: Philadelphia
CURRENT HOME: Philadelphia
DEGREE: B.S. Education

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​​and I’m an American Special Education educator and Nonfiction author based in Philadelphia.